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Welcome to my gallery. I hope you enjoy my art! 

This style of painting is intuitive, I don't plan a painting. I start with layers of pattern and colour, the painting moves and changes.

This process can be an emotional ride which usually ends with an image I'm proud of. An image full of depth, mystery, emotion and sometimes healing.


I have had three successful exhibitions which you can see my works in the drop down menu or through the links.


Brave Painting Project
This exhibition an extension of my residency at Bees Creek primary School, where I worked with all the students and we explored and experimented using an intuitive approach. Why? Because it is a great way to teach kids to let go of their fears of failing, learn to have a go, feel safe and that there are no mistakes.

We relaxed, respected the process, each other and most importantly ourselves. We had lots of fun! The students artwork is available as high quality A3 prints.
Grass Roots Exhibition
I decided to head to my home town and showcase my bright and colourful art. I have so much support from this region and the opening was an incredibly rewarding experience.
Soulful Dreaming Exhibition
This was a colourful exhibition with my special friend Darlene. We worked on an impressive collaborative piece merging intuitive painting and contemporary Aboriginal art techniques to create something special.
Being Brave Exhibition
My first Solo exhibition. You can view the images in the Gallery drop down menu.
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