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I'm Kristen, however mostly known as Chiggy.  I have been living in Darwin since 1997 so I can safely say this place is home. My other home is in South Australia where I was lucky enough to grow up on, in and around the beautiful Murray River. I really enjoy heading back down there to recharge.


I primarily paint using acrylics and love using bright, bold colour. My inspiration is the Northern Australian landscapes, the shapes, colours and the emotions that the land stirs in my heart. Through an intuitive starting process I try to capture that energy and emotion in my semi-abstract paintings. 

Having a graphic design and printing background I have also created a range of products featuring my artworks, you can find them in my shop. I love the idea of sharing affordable and useable art.


Thanks for taking the time to have a look around. 



Chiggy x



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Darwin Artists NT
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