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I'm going ok. Are you?

August 19, 2015

Looking at social media and everyone appears to be so happy, doing amazing things and having great holidays!


Are we all so happy? Is life so perfect?



I have to say I have been down in the dumps, physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.

I'm not really sure why?

Actually,  when I really think about it, I think I have been slowly on the slide for a few months now and this last week or so I have hit the bottom.


But don’t worry I’m not depressed or need to be labeled or medicated.


I need some rest, time to nurture myself and I have the people around me to help me get back on track.


I just thought I should share with you, that I think it’s ok to feel sad, sensitive, angry and unmotivated.


These are normal emotions aren’t they?


I think the trick is understanding that it is ok and then having the ability, knowledge or skills to get up and out of the dips and be able to reflect on what's happened and why.


Life can be so busy, fast and challenging. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, our kids and our relationships. We need to take a step back and have a good look at ourselves, ask ourselves why we are doing this?  what do we want?


Let your special people know that you're not going so good! You'll be amazed with the support, even if it's a short text to say 'are you going ok today?' And that is what helps to get moving and get on with living and doing what we love..


 I hope you have a great week x



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