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January 22, 2015

I have had an interesting few months. It's been an emotional roller coaster, actually it still is! And this is far from over.


We have moved to a beautiful patch of earth filled with much needed shady trees and exotic plants, it is a very inspirational garden with a lovely open basic living space. We all love it!


Now that I'm here and ready to re-connect, start painting and really move forward with my micro business, I quickly come across some major issues. I had to keep reminding myself we live in a first world country and this can be fixed.


I couldn't get a telephone line connected to our house, which meant I couldn't get internet! Seriously!! I have been in a full circle and this has taken almost 3 months to get not very far. I am feeling so frustrated and alone. 


I now have a 4G mobile modem which I sometimes get 2 bars of service and is relatively slow and bloody expensive! I can apparently fix this with a $2800 or more spend.. which my little business can't really afford.


So my social networking, emailling promptly and designing efficiently has really slowed down as with my business!


My question is, why does this country, this government allow our telecommunications networks to be so unreliable and so expensive?


I live 13km from a 'city centre' is this too much to ask?


And NO the NBN does NOT work effectively in the rurual areas of this country.


Can someone sort this mess out so I can run a small business from home and do what I love! 


We all are very dependant on our telephones, emails and interent and this has really shown me how difficult in this day and age it is to operate with out these basic services! And don't get me started on the new cloud software options for my design programs!! 


I'm trying to stay calm and work with what I have at the moment, I'm very sure things will change for the better in the near future (well I gues they can't really get much worse!)



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