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So what’s the go?

April 18, 2014

All I wanted to do was paint!

I couldn’t get started no matter how hard I tried..I realised I was being held back from my dream to paint with fear.


Isn’t that a weird concept!


With some great support and some new tools, I found a way around that fear and finally started painting, really having a go and loving the process I had been taught. I am able to stand tall and say yes I am an artist and I am an intuitive painter, I paint from my heart. (well most days – I’ll talk about that another day)


A very important part of my ‘beginning to paint’ journey was a workshop in Bali, which proved to be a very healing, powerful and important experience.

On my arrival in Bali, a man in the airport line asked me what instrument I play and I nervously responded, that it was not a musical instrument I was carrying but an easle. He excited responded ‘Oh wow you are an artist!’

This statement was unexpected and overwhelming.. I looked at my feet (I notice I do that a lot) and mumbled a reply that was very insecure and not too convincing, I actually don’t have a clue what I said. I do know it wasn’t ‘Yes I am’.


Was I an artist?


Why did this comment challenged me or have I added a level of expectation to his statement that was allowing fear to creep in stop me, again?


So when do you call yourself an Artist?


On my return from Bali, I felt my answer and reaction, had I been asked the same question, would have be different. I am so grateful I went to Bali and had this amazing experience. 


Ok, so I am an Artist ..


I have been thinking about where I want to go with painting. How far do I take this new desire and can I be a full time artist?

I have had a successful solo art exhibition, and now I am having another.

This joint exhibition is very soon and the pressure to paint has been a little challenging.


Have I allowed enough time in between exhibitions?

Is this what painting for a living would be like?

Will it become a chore?


I think these new challenges and the tight time frames are all a part of the learning process. Yes, maybe this exhibition was planned too soon after my solo. However when submitting your proposal you don’t have the overall control with dates, which in this case we preferred later in the year July/August and received May.


Will I have enough Art for the exhibition?

I’m working whenever I have space without stretching the family dynamic too much.. well kind of!

I'm trying not to get too stressed about it, run with it and keep on painting..


Ok, so Friday May 30th is the opening night at Darwin Visual Arts Association, along side Darlene Devery the wonderful contemporary Aboriginal Artist. We have been working on a collaborative piece, which has been an exciting and creative ride.

I’m excited about this exhibition and hope it’s as positive and awesome as the last one.


I’ve got a few things going on in the background. I’ll keep you posted.

There are some pipeline plans for an exhibition or two in South Australia next year and I have been approached by a gallery, in New York City… 

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