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How does an Intuitive Painter paint a commission?

April 3, 2014

I held my first solo art exhibition in December 2013, which was a really big deal for me.


I had very briefly thought about the possibility of being asked to reproduce one of my paintings.

How would I respond? Could I actually recreate one of my paintings? 

These questions, at the time, were a little scary so I put these thoughts in the too hard basket part of my brain, and quickly moved on to something else.


This thought of doing a commission painting did enter my mind a few times in the lead up to my opening night, and I must have come to some kind of conclusion (maybe in my subconscious) that it was something I was ready to try.. why?


Simply because on my opening night I had 3 people very interested in one painting and I openly (and very nervously) suggested that I may be able to reproduce the painting for them and to my surprise they agreed. I was very careful to say they wouldn’t look the same, but similar. Happy with that I took their numbers and off they went…


Well, I thought about it for a long time and then finally decided I needed to get moving.


The process was challenging to say the least. There was a fair bit of stopping and starting going on, a bit of looking, some stressing and a tiny bit of swearing.


This was a test for me … and I think I passed!


However, painting intuitively seems to add a level of depth and emotion that you can feel in the paintings. So did the commission have that feeling, that same depth to it?

I believe that it did have some depth and emotion as I started the painting in the same layering technique, and it was definitely an emotional ride, a challenge to do the painting in the first place. It was a process, partly intuitive with a planned outcome. I had not plan how the outcome was going to be achieved… so is this an intuitive process in itself?


The outcome, I was happy with the painting and the buyer was also very happy with his new art. Now, that makes me feel like I’m on the right path and keen to make more art!


Thanks for being here, I really appreciate your support x 

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